Shan Tuyet


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Shan Tuyet is one of Vietnamese finest tea brands, is mostly produced from centuries-old Shan Tuyet

tea trees, which thrive in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang. Perched on precarious spots

in mountainous areas which are 1,500 meters above sea level on average and exposed to a cold, misty

climate, the trees yield large grayish-white tea buds, which boast a white downy, snow-like layer, and

one of the finest-quality, distinctive tea varieties. Onced brewed, Shan Tuyet boasts a mild fragrance and

produces a green color softened by a golden shade of wild honey.

Shan Tuyet tea has long been one of the herbs of the Dao ethnic minorities, which has the effect of

preventing cancer, eliminating toxins in the body, anti-aging, enhancing memory and releasing stress.